Stand Up Paddling, Mechelen

The Belgian city Mechelen is located in the middle between Brussels and Antwerp. Significantly smaller than its notorious “neighbors”, Mechelen is still massively popular among tourists for its attractively calm atmosphere, ancient traditions and an enormous amount of historic places.

Mechelenis mostly known for two things: weaving craft with its ages-old traditions and carillon – the art of playing a musical instrument consisting of… bells.

The town can be fairly called a “museum in the open air”, as you literally come across historic monuments every minute of walk.

We offer you to get acquainted with this extraordinary town through in quite an unusual manner – with Stand Up Paddling.

You’ll sail along all the biggest places of interest in the city, enjoy its historic views and of course you’ll be amazed by the extraordinary transport you’ll be using.

*Similar programs are available in other Belgian cities

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