Comic books of Brussels

Comic books appeared in Belgium in 1920s. Already then they had their own distinctive “Belgian style”. Which is a lot of political satire transformed into funny adventure stories.

Herge became one of the admitted masters; he was the creator of Tintin. Adventure stories became popular; their sales figures in over 50 countries all over the world were insane.

“Lucky Luke”, also an incredibly popular comic book, was created in Belgium as well.

The cute blue creations, the Smurfs, that have conquered people’s hearts all over the world, were the work of another Belgian artist 0 Pierre Culliford.

With time, comic book heroes started to appear on the city’s walls and facades, and  the streets of Brussels were filled with motley colors.

Soon, even the most dull walls, bridges and tunnels became bright and colorful. The realization of the project goes on, and Brussels is turning into a real “Comic Museum in the Open Air”

We offer you to set off to a journey through the pages of a comic book! The walls of Brussels will help you with that!

Discover a wonderful world of comics that grants Brussels so much brightness and charm!

This program will reveal to you an entirely new side of Brussels.

*The program includes a resting break in one of the city’s cafes

To order this program, contact us:

E-mail: | Tel. +31 20 2614 777

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