Tours for professionals in the Netherlands

Professional training in Holland is a great opportunity to improve your qualification in agriculture, plant growing, shipping, and food production. For maximal comfort, group tours are combined with excursions, which helps to get better acquainted with the region’s culture and originality.
TOURPRO offers training programs in the Netherlands.
During your visit you will be able to gain lots of new experience, acquire valuable knowledge related to your occupation and broaden your range of business contacts.
Choose an optimal option, define the desired places for visiting, the date of your trip and other nuances, and we’ll organize your visits to manufactories and lectures, as well as your stay, meals, and transfers.

Nuances of training in the Netherlands
The programs we offer include theoretical classes (lectures, short seminars, and conferences), as well as practical experiences related to visiting manufactories. You can visit the most advanced factories, see modern technologies in action, and talk to highly qualified specialists. Training programs in Holland include:

  • Visiting agricultural and cattle-breeding farms of the region;
  • Excursions to the most profitable greenhouse farms;
  • Master classes by florists a and landscape design professionals;
  • Studying the advanced technologies used in making the notorious Dutch cheese, with visiting farms and manufactories;
  • Studying port logistics with one of the biggest ports in Europe (Rotterdam) as the example.

Advantages of working with us
Our specialists are highly qualified professionals of their field, and they’re able to swiftly solve problems of any kind. Our job will be to fully organize the tour, starting with your flight and transfer, and finishing with excursions and entertainment programs. Professional training can be both profitable and pleasant, for Holland is a real touristic gem! Send in your application, ask your question to our consultants and choose the tour that will perfectly fit your professional requirements!