Landscape design

We’re inviting gardening, landscape design and rare plants connoisseurs to get acquainted with the parks and gardens of one of the most colorful state in West Europe – the Netherlands.

Under the supervision of a professional you’ll visit one or more of the vide choice of interesting places in Holland.

Just a small part of the places available for visiting is listed below.

  • Keukenhof
  • Arboretum Trompenburg
  • Utrecht university’s botanical gardens
  • Amsterdam’s botanical garden
  • Kroller-Muller museum-park
  • Han Njio garden
  • Appeltren park

You’ll also be able to visit Ada Hofman’s botanical garden, Brookengarden in Venlo, Locus Flevum garden, HortusHaren garden, Boomkamp Gardens, castle Arsen gardens, castle Baexem gardens, and many other landscape design related places of interest.

For more info or to send your application, contact us:
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