Agricultural farms

The Netherlands is ranked first among developed countries by the agricultural production’s growth rate.

Currently agricultural farms occupies 50% of the country’s area. One average agricultural worker produces 2,3 times more product than the average among the EU countries, and 1,5 times more than in USA.

All of the farms are electrified; computers and automatization systems are in use.

Four key cultures bred in the Netherlands are potatoes, cereals, onions, and beets. Holland is ranked first in the world by potato production.

Farms are always looking for new markets and are open to the developing opportunities.

Agriculture is a dynamically evolving sphere. European politics regarding agriculture is aimed for innovations, development, and longing for the best possible business model.

The production is becoming more and more intense, so recycling and export are playing a huge role.

We’ll gladly organize a visit to one of agricultural farms for your group to exchange experience and establish some new contacts.

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