Bulbous and floral farms

Bulbs and flowers have become the trademark of the Netherlands a long time ago, and floriculture has become a separate production sphere.

The wide assortment and the huge experience in this field gives Holland an unfair advantage over any other country.

80-90% of the country’s production in this sphere is being exported to almost all of the world’s countries. The share of the Netherlands in the world’s flower export is stable around 50-60%.

Today flowers occupy 20 thousand hectares. Tulips, hyacinths, daffodils, anemones, and gladioluses are the most common ones. Tulip is considered to be the national flower.

Science research, experiments, knowledge exchange are considered vital in this field. The weather is also playing a big role in what the harvest will turn out to be, and therefore, in what amount of bulbs will be sold.

This sphere of production depends on the seasons heavily.

If you visit a farm in the spring, you’ll be blinded by the enormous variety of flowers in the fields. In the summer or autumn,you’ll get to see flower bulbs cultivation; in the winter you’ll see bulbs being prepared for the auction. Long story short, a visit to this production will be interesting any time of the year.

The sales are held at 16 auctions. The auction in Alsmeer, the biggest floriculture city in Holland, holds the first place by the amount of sales. 30 thousand deals are made here every day.

The manufacturers will be glad to tell you all about the floriculture in the Netherlands, and TOURPRO will take care of you being in the right place at the right time.

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