Architectural tour

Theme: “The old and the new architecture”

*The program can be extended or shortened optionally

Day 1

Amsterdam: the constant development of the city and the coast

This tour will tell you about the non-stop process of Amsterdam’s development and its inevitable interactions with the coast and the port area.From the historic center and the Golden age canals to hugely developed infrastructure and ambitious architectural projects.

The key moments of the excursion include:

  • Basic introduction into the city’s historic and modern development
  • East Docks Isle in the city’ historic center
  • Central coastal line
  • NDSM shipyard
  • Silodam
  • Piet Hein embankment
  • KNSM Isle
  • Customs dock
  • Calendar houses

Day 2:

Rotterdam: the rebirth of the city

During this excursion, the guests will learn about the interesting history of Rotterdam’s development: from the old port and the city center and WW2 bombings, to the rebirth of the biggest port in Europe and the architectural capital of the Netherlands. Thanks to its unique history, Rotterdam collects a vast variety of architectural styles of different ages.

The key moments of the excursion include:

  • Basic introduction into the city’s historic and modern development
  • New Main Station
  • Theatre Square
  • Lawrence District
  • New Market MVRDV
  • Worm Cultural Center
  • Vilhelmina pier
  • Katendrecht peninsula

Day 3

Hague and Delft: the modern development nearby the cities’ historic centers.

Both of the cities, Hague and Delft, have colorful and interesting histories, and of course it defined the colorfulness of architecture. This excursion will help you learn about many interesting moments of the two cities’ development.

The key moments of the excursion include:

  • The main railway station district of Hague
  • City center of Hague
  • City center of Delft
  • Deflt: campus

Day 4

Ijburg, Almere and Utrecht:  Establishment of the new land and infrastructure

The Netherlands is known for the traditions of creating and developing new lands, and this excursion will tell about such examples both in history and the modern life of the country. The new isles Ijburg and Almere are the examples of the modern land development in the Netherlands. City center of Utrecht, polder, and the completely artificial land of province Flevoland will allow you to see how strong this idea is in the Dutch public consciousness.

The key moments of this excursion include:

  • Ijburg
  • Staple isle
  • Central isle
  • Flevoland
  • Almere city center
  • Utrecht city center and the HoogCatherijne complex

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