Cattle breeding farms of Holland

Cattle breeding in the Netherlands is developing rapidly thanks to the constantly provided innovations.

Cattle breeding is one of the leading spheres in the agriculture industry, and naturally, it plays a big role in Holland’s economy. Pastures occupy half of the agricultural lands in the Netherlands. There is also a growing amount of huge cattle breeding farms, equipped with high technology.

The main specialization is milk, dairy, and meat production.The cattle is mainly represented by three breeds: Dutch black-and-white, Dutch red-motley and Groningen.

Milk industry is an especially important part of the agricultural sphere in Holland. Dutch cattle possesses especially high productivity. A major part of the milk produced gets processed into cheese, butter, powdered milk, and condensed milk.

Milk industry is especially well-developed on the north and the north-east of the country, with Friesland as its base.

According to the Netherlandish bank Rabobank, the Netherlands hold the tenth place in the world by production of dairy products, and the first place by the amount of cheese export.

According to the experts of this bank, the most perspective dairy product is yoghurt – they say its market is going to grow 4-5% bigger each year.

Milk cattle breeding in the Netherlands is composed of more than 30 000 farms, with the total milk herd of around 1.5 million. Over 71 000 people working on farms, the annual turnover of which in total is around 6,35 billion euros. Thanks to mechanization and computerization, expenses are being reduced more and more.

The country has special educational facilities for the people who are interested in this sphere: students can choose their specialization in agriculture of dairy and combined production.

We can organize professional tours to cow, pig, or goat breeding farms, to cheese farms, breeding enterprises, etc.

A farmer will gladly show you around his premises and tell you everything about the life on a modern farm. You’ll see for yourself that every enterprise has workers treating the animals, the environment and the people with respect.

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  • Животноводческие фермы Голландии
  • Животноводческие фермы Голландии