Wedding on a boat

We offer you to have your ceremony on a boat sailing across the canals of Amsterdam. The boat will be rented for personal use, only the newlyweds, their guests and the wedding receptionist will be on board.

And overboard will be the lights of the big city!

Seeing Amsterdam from the water is truly marvelous! The city stands on a multitude of canals, and more than 400 bridges connect its blocks and streets.

Enjoy the beautiful city and your big day in a romantic atmosphere away from the noise of the streets and the city tourists.

“Yes, I do!” will sound especially organically in such a free and romantic city as Amsterdam!

*The boats accommodate 5-40 guests

To get more info or submit your application, contact us:

E-mail: | Tel. +31 20 2614 777

  • свадьба корабль Нидерланды
  • svadba-amsterdam-korabl-niderlandy
  • свадьба Голландия Амстердам
  • свадьба корабль Амстердам
  • svadba-amsterdam-korabl-niderlandy
  • svadba-amsterdam-korabl-niderlandy
  • организация свадьбы в Амстердаме
  • svadba-amsterdam-korabl-niderlandy
  • svadba-amsterdam-korabl-niderlandy