Wedding in the KeukenhofPark

If the fabulous Elf Kingdom where Thumbelina found her happiness really existed, it would definitely be the Netherlands.

To be more accurate – it would be the Keukenhof flower park, also known as Garden of Europe. Located near a small town called Lissenear Amsterdam, for 8 weeks each year the Keukenhofpark turns into something wonderful.

7 million tulips, daffodils and other bulbous plants are blooming across the 32 hectares of the park. Amazing compositions created by designers are covering the waterfronts, dwelling among sakuras and rhododendrons.

We offer having your wedding held in the middle of this wonderful place’s grandeur. Let your life be as colorful as this fabulous park!

Your wedding can be held both in the park and theKeukenhof castle. The castle is to be at the newlyweds’ and their guests’ disposal.

Castle Keukenhof (KasteelKeukenhof) was built in 1642. The area that the castle occupied wasn’t prospering at the time, so the castle started falling into disrepair. However, the Zocher family buying the building out saved the building and brought it prosperity.

The family restored Castle Keukenhof and cultivated the huge area around it, turning it into a marvelous park.

The castle is known for its excellent furniture, portraits, and both Japanese and Chinese porcelain collections. The castle’s scenery is frequently used to shoot feature films.

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