A wedding aboard Supperclub Cruise

In 2003 the bars and clubs of Amsterdam greeted a dazzling newcomer: Supperclub Cruise, a world-famous club bought a ship from the city of Rotterdam and turned it into the most extraordinary night club in the city!

Four decks located one on top of each other reflect the concept of their ashore brothers, with the famous Le Bar Noir and La Salle Neige.

The lower area of the ship contains an authentic kitchen, and the club’s hidden gem is located at the very top – the large and attractive top deck, that opens a stunning view on the vastness and the cities passing by.

And, of course, the cuisine… You’re in for some striking extravagant meals!

Step onto your love ship, both literally and figuratively! What’s more romantic than to say “Yes, I do!” aboard a wonderful ship with a view on Amsterdam!

Supperclub Cruise is an official place for weddings. This means both the official wedding and the party can be held here.

Start the ceremony on the top deck with a beautiful view on Amsterdam and the sea, then move on to your celebration in the cocktail-bar Le Noir. The celebratory dinner will be served one deck below, in Le Salle Neige. A large dancefloor is at the guests’ disposal.

The hall can be decorated according to your wishes, for example, it can be decorated in the style of the bride’s dress. Fireworks, a rasp outside by the ladder, a huge wedding cake… Nothing is impossible here!

To get more info or submit your application, contact us:

E-mail: info@tour-pro.nl | Tel. +31 20 2614 777

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