A Wedding in the Tassen muesum Hendrikje museum

We offer having your wedding held in one of the most romantic places of Amsterdam, filled with history, beauty and elegance.

The doors of TassenmuseumHendrikje are open for the newlyweds!

Imagine saying your “Yes, I do!” in one of the museum’s beautiful halls, where splendid balls and receptions used to be held in 17-18 centuries.

The museum took the name of Hendrikje Ivo, who spent 35 years on creating this museum all by herself. It started with the purchase of an antique wallet made out of a turtle’s carapace made in Germany in 1820. With time, there were more and more antique purses.

When the collection consisted of approximately 3000 exemplars (from the Middle Ages to present day), Hendrikje Ivo decided to present it to the public.

But this place is not only famous for one of the most unique purse collection in the world: it’s also a gateway to the history of Amsterdam…

The building where the museum is located (Herengracht #573) is the place where Cornelis De Graeff’s family once lived. Cornelis De Graeff was the burgomaster of Amsterdam, a relative to Johan de Witt, and his son Pieter and grandson Gerritwere president-governors of the East India Company.

The house built in 1666 preserved two of the rooms contemporary to the de Graeff family.

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  • svadba-amsterdam-muzej-tassenmuseum