Dutch cheese workshop

Dutch cheese is known all around the globe for its high quality and excellent taste. The Dutch are recognized as masters of cheese making, and the numbers of dairy cattle in this country can only be compared to the numbers of tulips in its fields. Indeed, it’s hard to imagine Netherlands without its famous cheese andflowers.

If you enjoy delicious fresh cheese, welcome to our farm!

We’ll reveal the secrets of farmer’s cheese making to you and provide you with the opportunity to make your own head of cheese. You’ll go through every stage of the process by yourself, supervised by a member of the family that has been keeping its cheese making recipes for ages.

While your cheese is under the press, we’ll make sure to visit the local klomp (the famous Dutch clogs) workshop. Then, during a walk across the farm, we’ll degust different sorts of cheese, Dutch crispy cookies, and of course fragrant homemade wine.

After the excursion to the cheese farm we’ll take your cheese from under the press and finish the process of its making. Not any tourist who’s been to Holland can brag about making cheese following an ages-old recipe by himself. But you might!

Naturally, you will be allowed to take your cheese head home with you.

Duration: 3 hours

To order this excursion contact us:

E-mail: info@tour-pro.ni | Tel. +31 20 2614 777

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  • сыр голландия мастер-класс
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  • сыр голландия мастер-класс