Delfts Porcelain painting workshop

Delfts porcelain (Delfts blauw) – blue-and-white porcelain that is manufactured in the town Delft and is considered one of the symbols of both the town and the country itself.

The royal porcelain factory (Royal Delft) was founded in 1653 when David Van der Peet turned his home into a ceramic factory. Forty years later, there were already 32 such factories in the small town called Delft. However, sadly, in 1840 all of them were closed, except just one – The Royal Porcelain Factory, that has been functional up to today.

In the museum, you will see a factory’s products exhibition, cutlery from Vermeer’s age, royal tableware and many other valuable exhibits.

But the royal manufactory isn’t only famous for its plates. Apart from those, the factory masters’ most grandiose works are exhibited. For example, there’s an exact copy of Rembrandt’s “Nightwatch” made out of 480 special tiles.

We offer you marvelous master-classes provided by a well-experienced artist. Each participant will get to make and paint a Dutch tile, a plate or a vase.

You can also choose tile painting (13x13cm tile), which is still as popular as hundreds of years before. The possible painting themes are: animals, zodiac signs, sports, or the classic Delft pattern. Naturally, you’ll be allowed to create a design of your own.

A plate, a tile, or a vase brought from the Netherlands and painted by yourself will become a wonderful pleasant for your loved ones!

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  • мастер-класс Делфт делфтский фарфор
  • мастер-класс Делфт делфтский фарфор
  • мастер-класс Делфт делфтский фарфор