Private Mansions on the site of a XV century convent (Amsterdam)

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  • private-mansions-amsterdam
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  • private-mansions-amsterdam

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    Set of apartments ‘The Private Mansions’ is located in the heart of Amsterdam, only 400 meters away from Dam square and 200 meters away from the city’s main trading street, Kalverstraat.

    The Private Mansions apartments set contains 3 apartments: The Mayer Manor Chamber, The Secret Chapel Chamber, and The Great Barn Chamber.

    The Mayer Manor Chamber apartment is located on the territory of a XV century monastery. This eclectic classic-styled apartmentis suitable for 2 guests. This apartment has a king-size bed and is located in a private three-floor mansion.

    In the early XX Century the building, occupied by this apartment named after its former owner Niko Mayer, was occupied by a cigar factory. Mayer was the person who designed and constructed the building in the first decade of the XX century.

    The recently renovated Mayer Manor apartment combines a specific retro interior and modern elegance, which creates a very unique atmosphere. An antique copper bathtub, a hearth, a fully equipped kitchen, and a spacy living room are at the guests’ disposal.

    The Secret Chapel Chamber apartment occupies a historic building that is considered to be of historical and religious value, and is equipped with all modern facilities.

    The building looks dull from the outside, but on the inside you’ll feel its uniqueness and historic colorfulness. In XVIII the building served as a so-called church shelter for the Catholics.

    The apartment itself is a luxury suite with a king size bed. The with a well-equipped kitchen and an ancient white bathtub will be at the guests’ disposal.