“De Vrouwe van Stavore” hotel, an overnight stay in a wine barrel

  • Отель De Vrouwe van Stavore, ночевка в винной бочке
  • hotel-de-vrouw-van-stavore-vinnaya-bochka
  • hotel-de-vrouw-van-stavore-vinnaya-bochka
  • hotel-de-vrouw-van-stavore-vinnaya-bochka

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    Hotel-restaurant “De Vrouwe van Stavore” is located in the old port district in a small town called Stavoren.

    It’s a fine place with a spectacular view on the sea and the ships going by.

    The Frisland province, in which the hotel is located, is justly considered the most beautiful province in the Netherlands. This is where you can find vast beaches, forests and sea areas!

    Apart from ordinary rooms the hotel offers very unusual rooms, which are… wine barrels. Original swiss barrels for wine fermentation, each with a volume of 15 000 liters, reformed into comfortable rooms with all the required facilities. Each “barrel” has a small living room, a bedroom and a bathroom with a shower booth.